collaborative projects

Tid, rum, förflyttning (2021)
Reading, installation and printed booklet.
collaboration with Moa Hjärtström.
Text written by Moa Hjärtström, Charlie Jakobsson, Love Franck, Frida Wennerfors, Rita Kristola Wiklund, Anton Örarbäck. Time, space, movement is a collective text work based on a correspondence where text has been allowed to react to text without explanations or physical meetings.

Foto Peter Rosvik
Sovstad, en hinna, en dröm (2022)
Video loop (5,05 min), sour milk on glass, printed flyers, gift ribbon.
In collaboration with Moa Hjärtström.
Varse toaletten (2022)
Curating and organisation of an exhibition series in three parts, located in a basement toilet at Vasagatan 50, Gothenburg.
I: Varse det smutsiga med Oskar Wikström. (Picture)
II: Varse det dolda med Amy Rondahl
III: Varse det våta med Jessica Ekström
Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är DSC03837-1-1024x576.jpg
A house / Ett hus (2022)
Workshop based on a mail correspondance between me (located in Copenhagen) and Moa Hjärtström (located in Vienna). Held at Residens Vrångsholmen with 8 participants for 3 hours.
Material used in the the workshop: Pencils, scissors, post-its, paper and tape.
Photo: Lukas Mykolaitis
Documentation from the workshop Dream Diary Between _____ (2023)
organized and developed together with Moa Hjärtström.